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Entry #3

sup u

2010-03-04 01:37:51 by kennetta-wright

hay everyone my name is kennetta and i love making friends i love anime and i do
belive in God i am kinda reilgous and i do read the books and i am a big ass fan
of anime i dont care if people dont like me for me i dont care but other then that i am a sweet eater lol that means i love me some sweets and maybe find someone
on this site i can be with and i dont change for no dam one.bur like i said if people dont like me for me then they can back off. but i am a out going person i
love my cell phone and i love to text i do get hyper sometimes lol ^_^ thats just me. so if you need a friend and you want to chat leave me a message and if i know
you well that i can turst you then i will give you my number thouse of you that
are looking for a girl friend im single but other then that have a good x-mas. ^_^

sup u


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2010-12-26 12:36:11

Ur awsome . :3 u draw..? If u wanna see mee draw.. Ill show u but not now k?

kennetta-wright responds:

thanks you ur a sweet person