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2010-03-02 02:31:30 by kennetta-wright

hi whats good homies this my other post i am a 24 year old female and anime is the shit. i kinda messd up on my other post but i love anime hell yea if you a anime fan send me a message and we can be
buddys and maybe i give you my number but if any of you haveing anime clubs cont me in and if your
14 to 18 i cont you as a little brother and sister but age dont matter or race yes i am right i talk to anybody
even if your gay or bi i still talk to you no matter what so if your cool with it i am cool with it i dont give a
fucken shit what people say or thank dont matter if you 13 or even 12 or any age as long as your nice. my fav anime is death note beck gravation air gear king of the hill family guy g gundom gundom wing
so people stop warrying about what age or race if you people thank your to young or to old thats a lie
you never to old or young to talk to me.



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